Our greatest asset is the trust of our clients, business partners and the public

In order to permanently maintain the trust of customers, business partners and the public in Deka Group’s integrity, the ethical behavior of the supervisory bodies, the Management Board, executives and all employees is essential. After all, the responsible behavior of each individual is important. In the event of irregularities, it is essential that our company learns about them immediately in order to prevent damage.
The whistleblowing system of DekaBank

Therefor Deka Group has implemented a whistleblowing system. The whistleblowing system ensures that evidence of unlawful actions, the suspicion of a criminal offense or serious irregularity as well as violations of anti-money laundering regulations can be reported confidentially to the ombudsman of Deka Group.

The Role of the Ombudsman

The ombudsman reviews the facts on the basis of his professional experience and , as far as the whistleblower has consented to the disclosure, forwards the relevant information, to the responsible unit of DekaBank. The identity of the whistleblower is disclosed here only with its express consent. It is also possible to contact the ombudsman anonymously.
The ombudsman can be contacted at no costs. If the whistleblower provides false information on purpose, he will be held liable for his action. The whistleblower is effectively protected by the ombudsman through the lawyer's obligation to secrecy and the right to refuse to give evidence.
The ombudsman can be contacted anytime:

Dr. Buchert & Partner Rechtsanwälte


Bleidenstr. 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main

T + 49 69 710 33 330
F + 49 69 710 34 444

Further processing of information deriving from the whistleblower system
The Financial Crime Office is consistently following occurring irregularities. Depending on the result of the internal investigation, the legal and personnel department will be involved and adequate sanctions will be applied (especially labor or civil law measures, in serious cases criminal complaints).