My job at Deka:

Michael Vetter is 38 years old and leads two teams:Multi-channel management at Deka in Frankfurt and, together with his wife, their four kids at home in Aschaffenburg. In the banking city, he and his team develop digital solutions for the securities business. And they are making a big difference: They create “aha” moments with clients. How does that work? Michael Vetter tells us here:

“I really like the flexibility here.”

Why I work at Deka.

Digital multi-channel management at Deka gives me the opportunity for development. Because at Deka you have complete flexibility. This is extremely important because my work is very diverse and every day is different: Strategy development, idea validation, implementation and market launch. There are about 40 people on our team, we discuss matters, present ideas and our work is interdisciplinary. Communication is king here, with each other and above all with the interfaces within the bank and with the Sparkassen.
Michael Vetter

Everyone bands together when things heat up.

The most important factor here is definitely the people. I have terrific colleagues who identify with their work and are enthusiastic and committed. I am on a first-name basis with many of them. It’s a very comfortable environment. Working with them is a lot of fun, even when things get a bit hectic.
Michael Vetter

We create aha moments where we interface with clients.

I am able to do something really significant here for the bank, the Sparkasse organisation and their clients. It’s great when what you do makes a difference. Our ideas don’t end up getting lost somewhere along the way. They are actually implemented and then
create an aha moment at the interface with our clients. We are proud of that, and above all it’s a lot of fun.

What I can achieve with my job.

My job is to manage, coach, give feedback and support my colleagues so that they can do their jobs well. I give them a lot of scope for creativity and I trust them. And they are full of ideas, every day!

“It's great to trust employees and let them create things on their own.”

Michael Vetter

In my department it’s important to be curious and to stay curious.