Deka is dynamic and innovative. You can achieve your career plans.

What motivates a person to decide for or against a new employer is complex. The longer you have worked professionally, the more personal pros and cons need to be taken into account. If you decide to join Deka, you should be able to think ahead and be inspired to use your deep knowledge to make good things even better and to rethink the financial sector. You can look forward to a variety of tasks, a good work-life balance and long-term prospects.
Daniel Kapffer, Member of the Board of Management

The financial markets are in the midst of a long-term process of change. Our powerful team is helping shape this process.We value professional expertise, but also passion and the way we work together.

Experience and expertise have a great future.

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Identify and support potential.

We discuss your development with you on an ongoing basis.

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Develop competencies.

Based on your needs, we offer you a wide variety of internal and external qualification opportunities

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Entrusting you with responsibility.

Filling jobs internally with our own specialists and managers is our top priority.


We are looking for strong personalities with potential.


There is such a thing as the Deka spirit. For us, collaboration means being part of a multi-professional team, exchanging ideas as equals and developing solutions together. This results in effective networks, many similarities and even close friendships. This intensive collegiality is also reflected at lunch breaks and when we undertake leisure activities together.

Added benefits.

In cooperation with an external service provider, we offer our employees day care and kindergarten places as well as emergency and vacation care. We also offer a range of advisory and placement services on the subject of childcare. Taking care of family members is also playing an increasingly important role. We offer our employees special support through the so-called eldercare advisory and placement services.

You can find all the services we offer here.

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