The economics department provides services to the entire DekaBank Group. These focus on the systematic tracking, analysis and assessment of overall economic developments and contexts and span the economy, monetary policy, capital markets and currencies worldwide. Reliable forecasts are drawn up for economic developments, interest rates and exchange rates on the basis of a standardised analytical framework and consistent estimates.

In addition, core economic issues, more specifically those that impact on our business, play a key role in our research: we investigate and analyse fundamental developments on capital markets and in the credit industry as well as the impact of financial, fiscal and regulatory decisions. We also address overall economic developments resulting from major policy changes, in particular issues affecting the banking industry and regulatory issues.

Economics department: services in brief

  • Up-to-date comments and statements on financial market developments
  • Analysis of the latest economic events
  • Economic, interest rate and currency forecasts
  • Economic surveys
  • Sector analyses
  • Asset allocation management and asset/liability management committee