Art Collection

One of the most contemporary corporate collections in Frankfurt

Since 2003, DekaBank has been building a corporate collection of international contemporary art that is one of the most contemporary collections in Frankfurt am Main. It currently includes close to 1400 paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations and films. The collection reflects the current diversity of artistic expression in the 21st century, and focuses on works that deal with socially relevant subjects, stimulating discussion about the current definition of art. Including the next generation of artists is an important consideration when building the collection.

The art is a mirror of society and not simply a prestige collection for the Company. It is an important part of our corporate culture and a reflection of DekaBank’s social involvement. The works are displayed in lobbies and corridors based on conceptual criteria and are experienced as part of the day-to-day life of our employees, business partners and clients. Works from the DekaBank art collection are also regularly lent to museums and institutions for exhibitions.

Social facades
A dialogue between the collections of the MMK and DekaBank

In the anniversary year of Deka, the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main will host the exhibition "Soziale Fassaden. A dialogue between the collections of the MMK and DekaBank". At the invitation of the MMK, central works of Deka are shown in a joint exhibition.
MMK and DekaBank have enjoyed a long-standing partnership in expanding the museum collection and as founding partner of MMK 2, receiving four major works from the bank's collection as a gift on the occasion of DekaBank's 100th anniversary. This includes large-format installations by the artists Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Michael Beutler, Tue Greenfort and Martin Kippenberger.
DekaBank's collection of contemporary art contains many different points of contact with the MMK collection. Numerous artists are represented in both collections with extensive groups of works. In the course of the donation there is for the first time an exhibition which examines both collections for these references and leads to a direct juxtaposition. The title of the exhibition "Social Facades" is borrowed from a work by Isa Genzken from DekaBank's collection. It also stands for diverse forms of expression of socio-political and social "facades", which are addressed in the works of the artists of both collections. The exhibition at MMK 1 includes major works by Andy Hope, Cerith Wyn Evans, Sarah Morris, Franz West, Heimo Zobernig, Wilhelm Sasnal, Wolfgang Tillmans, Michael Pfrommer, Jonas Weichsel, Markus Sixay, Jeroen de Rijke/Willem de Rooij and Liam Gillick.

DekaBank, Trianon, 39. Etage, Lena Henke, „Ohne Titel“, 2011, Sunah Choi, „Hands Full", 2003, Stefan Wieland, „Struwwelpetraesk 2", 2009, Courtesy the artists,
© Wolfgang Günzel
Soziale Fassaden vom 30.5 - 9.9.2018 im MMK1

“Next Generation – Young Art in the DekaBank Collection”

In addition to existing works from the corporate collection, current new purchases are also shown on the conference level of the Trianon building under the title “Next Generation – Young Art in the DekaBank Collection”. The permanent installation of works created for the space by Katharina Grosse, Liam Gillick and Thomas Demand play a central role. They were emerging artists when the works were commissioned in 2003. Today, they are recognised major figures in the international art scene.

Works by artists who have become well-respected in previous years for their contemporary art and are establishing themselves in the museum world are also shown. An interesting collection of these works is presented in the “Frankfurter Kabinett”, a meeting room reserved for exhibitions by graduates of the Städelschule University of Fine Arts in Frankfurt am Main. The focus here is on contemporary art from Frankfurt, and the artists receive support following graduation.

44. Etage.jpg
DekaBank, Trianon, 44th floor, Helena Schlichting, “Permanent installation no. 2”, 2012, © Helena Schlichting, photo: Wolfgang Günzel

Tours of the DekaBank art collection

This year DekaBank was again at "Kunst privat! - Hessian companies will be showing their "art" and on 9 June 2018 gave visitors an insight into the diversity of DekaBank's art collection.

2005 "Kunst privat! Hessian companies present their "art" initiated by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transport and State Development. DekaBank has been a member of the "Kunst privat!" steering committee since 2015 and is jointly responsible for the weekend of open corporate collections in Hesse.

From 2011 to 2017, we pursued a new mediation concept: artists and cultural practitioners from Frankfurt present the DekaBank Art Collection to visitors in an interview. The dialogue shows highlights of the collection as well as personal favourites of the guest. Selected works of art in the Trianon high-rise have already been presented by: Sophie von Olfers, formerly Curator of the exhibition hall for contemporary art "Portikus" in Frankfurt (2011), the artist Flo Maak, graduate of the Frankfurt Städelschule and represented with works in the DekaBank Art Collection (2012), Bernhard Schreiner, Artist and lecturer for film and video art at the Städelschule (2013), Katharina Dohm, curator at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt (2014), Bernd Reiß, curatorial director of Galerie Konrad Fischer (2015), Yousef Shiraz, restorer in Frankfurt (2016) and the curator Sergey Harutoonian (2017). These "somewhat different" guided tours gave visitors new and very personal insights into the art world.

Bernd Reiß in dialogue with Silke Schuster-Müller, curator of the DekaBank collection, in front of works by Oliver Heinzenberger, photo: Pauline Drichel