Historical Archive

The Dekarium - 100 years Deka, 100 years Germany

DekaBank's Dekarium offers visitors an exciting journey through time.

What were the beginnings of DekaBank? What are their roots? How did the bank become what it is today? What role did and does it have in the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe? and where can we see a red thread that still runs through history today?

The exhibition attempts to answer these questions through different levels of mediation.

The exhibition is housed in the former Trianon customer locker system, which is integrated into the exhibition concept as a historical backdrop.

The history of DekaBank since 1918

The savings banks are the first institutions that enable all strata of the population to save safely and in a precautionary manner. Your story quickly becomes a success story. If there were only a few savings banks around 1800, at the end of the 19th century they were spread across the entire former German Reich. The savings banks are expanding their legal capacity and are merging via associations and giro centres. 1909 the Spar-Giroverkehr is introduced in Saxony for the first time.

The bundles of forces of the savings banks system, the municipal anchoring of the savings banks and the public law framework form the prerequisite for the development of the association of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. In the 20th century, new areas such as insurance, building society savings and securities and investment fund savings were added.

The exhibition

The Dekarium is intended to bring the history of DekaBank to life. We would like to make our history tangible for our employees and visitors and convey the development of DekaBank as part of the history of the savings banks. Our visitors can expect five stations in the Dekarium experience room:

The history - The good idea... to a strong financial group. Milestones from over 200 years of history are clearly presented on a board. 

The 270-degree cinema - moving pictures clearly show 100 years of German and Deka history in 8 minutes.

The Collection - Numerous objects, pictures, documents from DekaBank's historical archive are presented.

The interactive table - Some objects from the collection tell stories projected in 270 degrees.

The Contemporary Witnesses - Lived Savings Bank History in New Contemporary Witness Reports.

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