Sustainable banking

In the management of the direct impact of bank operations, we pursue an integrated approach and work on the reduction of resource consumption and emissions along the entire value chain - from procurement through to disposal. All measures are embedded in a certified environmental management system. After the swift entry into force of the climate treaty negotiated in Paris, the Paris Agreement, which we were glad to seem, our contribution to climate protection has gained even more significance.

Here you can find our environmental policy.

Environmental management

For the implementation of the environmental guidelines adopted by the Board of Management, in which Deka commits to a sustainable business alignment in economic, ecological and social terms, Deka introduced a DIN EN ISO 14001-certified environmental management system in 2009.

The environmental balance sheet prepared in the framework of this system includes all the buildings of DekaBank at Frankfurt am Main (Trianon, Prisma and Skyper). The key figures for the paper consumption relate to all locations in Germany; the information on business trips is group-wide. The overall  bjective of the measures in the field of environmental management is an annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by five percent.

The environmental management standard was revised in 2015. The new rules must be implemented by 2018. The innovations include, among other things, a more riskoriented approach and a clearer focus on the consideration of the entire value chain including the environmental impact of products and services. DekaBank will fulfil the new requirements on the basis of an implementation plan until the re-certification of the environmental management system in 2018.

Here you can find the environmental reports of DekaBank till 2013. Since 2014 the environmental report is included into the sustainability report. Both formats can be downloaded from the archive. Archive

Procurement management
DIN EN 16247 energy audit