Sustainable corporate governance

Strategic positioning with regard to sustainability is a binding part of the Deka Group’s business strategy, which must be updated each year. The strategy is formulated, passed and communicated to the Administrative Board and the regulator by the Board of Management. Since 2015 we have elected not to formulate a separate sustainability strategy. As the Wertpapierhaus for the savings banks, we manage sustainability throughout the whole value chain, in line with the three guiding principles of economy, ecology and social responsibility. As we continue to develop our approach to sustainability and refine our reporting, from 2015 onwards we are focusing even more strongly on the areas of activity that our stakeholders deem to be particularly relevant. Our focus is based on a materiality study which must be carried out each year.

The commitment to organise our business in a sustainable manner is enshrined in the “Deka Group philosophy”. This philosophy reflects DekaBank’s mandate as Wertpapierhaus for the savings banks and is based on the strategic guidelines of its owners as agreed in the “Dresdner Thesen” in 2013. At the 25th Savings Banks Conference in April 2016, the owners issued the “Düsseldorf Declaration”, which expands these guidelines to include a pledge to further strengthen sustainable regional development.
The Sustainability Management department coordinates all of the Deka Group’s sustainability activities on behalf of the Board of Management.

This is an overview of DekaBank’s sustainability management.

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