The German Sustainability Code

In December 2013, Deka Group signed the German Sustainability Code (DNK) of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE). The declaration of compliance with the DNK was last renewed in December 2017 (for the reporting period 2016).

DekaBank's declaration of compliance (in German language)

External regulations and standards

In addition to internal codes of conduct, the recognition of national and international standards underlines Deka Group's commitment to sustainable development. This includes joining the UN Global Compact in 2011 and the associated commitment to implementing ten principles of responsible corporate governance. They relate to the subject areas of human and labour rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

DekaBank has also undertaken to comply with the Equator Principles (EP). These principles focus on the consideration of social and environmental standards in international project financing. DekaBank reports annually on the implementation of the principles for the relevant financing; the corresponding report is published on the EP website.

The signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), to which Deka Investment GmbH has belonged since 2012, are committed to ensuring responsible investment. Among other things, the principles provide for the integration of social, environmental and management criteria into the analysis and decision-making processes for capital investments. Derived from the English translation of these three areas "Environmental, Social, Governance", the abbreviation ESG is often used in this context.
In addition, the signatory undertakes to actively address the companies in whose shares or bonds he is invested to ensure compliance with ESG standards.

Deka Investment is further strengthening its commitment in this area by expanding its activities to Annual General Meetings as described in the chapter on "Sustainable products". It reports annually on these and other measures as part of an RI Transparency Report, which is available on the PRI website