Stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis

As part of its reporting in accordance with the internationally recognised GRI G4 standard, DekaBank conducted independent surveys of its stakeholders - in particular customers and employees - in 2015 and 2016. The aim of the surveys was to find out more about the importance that respondents attach to the different fields of action of sustainable corporate management and how they assess the status of Deka Group's sustainability performance in the respective field of action. The first survey in 2015 was conducted in cooperation with various savings bank associations. In order to map a development since 2015, DekaBank has concentrated in the current survey on the stakeholder groups identified in 2015 in cooperation with imug and the savings bank associations - employees, customers and experts.
DekaBank again commissioned imug Beratungsgesellschaft with an individual survey in the year under review. A total of 496 people took part in the online survey. Of these, employees were the largest single group with a share of 70 per cent, 19 per cent of the participants were Deka customers, 11 per cent sustainability experts and other stakeholders. Due to the comparatively high commitment of the employees, the results of the current survey can only be compared with those of the previous surveys to a limited extent. Nevertheless, there is great overlap in the question as to which services Deka offers are particularly relevant to sustainability from the point of view of those surveyed. The information box provides an overview of the services that are considered particularly relevant by the stakeholders surveyed.

Excerpt from the Sustainability Report 2017, p. 6

materiality matrix