Equal opportunities

The field of action of “equality” has different dimensionsranging from the equal opportunities of women and men,the highly important encouragement of the reconciliationof work and family to dealing with diversity within theworkforce.

Equal opportunities plan

To continue to improve the equal opportunities of women and men, the Equal Opportunities Officer agreed a new equality plan together with the Board of Management in the year under review. The 4th Deka Group Gender Equality Plan entered into force on 1 January 2017 and commits management to give even greater importance to the issue. Each area must set their own measures, whose implementation will be regularly monitored, for the following three gender equality objectives by 30.06.2017.

The first objective is to increase the proportion of women in management positions and to encourage the professional advancement of women. Deka has set concrete targets for this purpose: Thus, the proportion of women in the 1st management level (Head of Division) should be increased to 12.0 per cent, the proportion of women in the 2nd management level (Head of Department) should be increased to 18.0 per cent and the proportion of women in the 3rd management level (Group management) should be increased to 25.0 per cent.

The current equality plan (in german)



Deka sees the diversity of its workforce as an opportunity. Different cultural backgrounds, life experiences and talents of the employees enrich the cooperation and help to recognize the needs of the customers and to serve them in the best possible way. Deka's aim is to offer a framework that does not give rise to discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying. Violations of the Code of Conduct or other discriminatory conduct in the sense of legal regulations as well as threatening, hostile or abusive behaviour will be punished immediately. No incidents of discrimination became known in the year under review. At the end of 2017, 248 employees (130 women and 118 men) had a nationality other than German. The proportion of employees of a nationality other than German thus rose slightly to 6.5 percent (2016: 6.4 percent). In total, Deka employs staff from 54 nations, the strongest represented are Italy, Austria, France, Greece, Poland, Great Britain and Croatia.