The compatibility of career and family

With the help of life-cycle oriented staff management, Deka aims to create conditions in which professional progress can be combined with the requirements and needs of private life as optimally as possible. This applies in particular for employees with children or relatives who need nursing care.

A better reconciliation of professional and private life helps to bind employees to the company, which is a significant success factor, bearing in mind the increasing shortage of skilled workers. A consultancy and mediation service for children and care is available to all employees regardless of location.

The continuous further development of the service is also encouraged by the participation in the external certification procedure “berufundfamilie” (Career and Family), in which the Deka Group has regularly participated since 2005. Part of the audit is the definition of strategic objectives and, building on this, the development of concrete objectives and measures as well as a binding determination of the results in a target agreement. Deka was last audited successfully in 2015.

The focus of the current target agreement includes topics such as the greater involvement of men in measures to reconcile work and family life and dealing with stress and mental stress. In an initial interim report on the audit, it was clear that many of the objectives from the current target agreement have already been implemented. The next audit is in 2018.

Support for employees with relatives who need nursing care

In cooperation with professional partners, Deka supports employees who look after relatives in need of care. The so-called Eldercare consultation and - switching relieves employees with the organization, financing and execution of tasks of care. The advisory service can be contacted daily and Deka bears the consulting costs. Deka employees also have access to a comprehensive range of information and networking events on the topic of work-life balance. In 2017, for example, the Equal Opportunities Officers offered lectures on the topics of "Dealing with Dementia" or "Care Strengthening Act II".