Real Estate business division

The Real Estate Asset Management business field (AMI) has translated the principles for sustainable corporate governance of DekaBank into its own business-related sustainability strategy. Here, the current requirements of climate change and climate protection policy played a central role in real estate business, particularly the 2050 climate protection plan of the federal government. The central focus was on 19 measures implemented before the end of 2016. In content, these concerned important areas of activity through which a specific unterstanding of sustainability was developed for the business field.
Important results of the development process and thus cornerstones for operational action are the general reduction of CO2 emissions, increasing the inclusion of “green” contractual clauses in property, facility and rental agreements, the reduction of costs through sustainable management and energetic renovation as well as the embedding of ESG components in the processes surrounding real estate and fund management. The accompanying communication of activities as well as its representation in internal and external media is a further important component.

Further information about sustainablility in the business field Real Estate Asset Management

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