Sustainable human resource management

Deka’s mission is to provide all employees with a safe working environment that is based on trust. The intention is to develop the skills of employees as far as possible and to put it at the service of business strategy, as well as to create working conditions that ensure the lasting physical and mental wellbeing of our employees. Employees need access to the right environment at every stage of their professional lives to develop both personally and professionally. This also includes a fair remuneration system that offers incentives to contribute to the company’s long-term success.

Human resource strategy

The HR strategy is part of Deka Group’s business strategy and includes long-term principles of human resources work. It builds on the approach of lifecycle-based HR management and is geared towards having “the right employee in the right place”. The HR strategy is developed under consideration of the market environment and the relevant economic, social, political and regulatory trends. The responsibility for the formulation, further development and implementation of the personnel strategy lies with the corporate center Human Resources & Organisation of the Deka Group. HR management is divided into different areas of activity. The most important of these are the management of human resources, training and further professional development, the promotion of gender equality and the reconciliation of work and family life and work and care, workplace safety and health management as well as the structure of remuneration. For the implementation of the HR strategy and to measure the progress achieved, Deka draws up action and defines specific milestones for a short to medium-term period. All employees are informed promptly on the progress made.


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