Green Bond

DekaBank may issue so-called „green“ bonds („Green Bonds“). Green Bonds are part of the sustainability strategy of Deka Group.

The Deka Group’s sustainability strategy is an integral part of its corporate strategy. For the purpose of issuing Green Bonds, DekaBank has developed a voluntary internal guideline, the so-called „Green Bond Framework”. The Green Bond Framework can be updated at any time if necessary. The Green Bond Framework as well as further documents can be found below.

If Green Bonds are issued on the basis of one of DekaBank’s Securities Prospectus, the relevant securities prospectus documents for each of the securities have to be observed. They can be found on the Securities Prospectuses-Page (please insert the relevant securities number of the security).

Relevante Documents:

Information on Green Bond Issues:

Green Bonds can be issued as part of the ongoing issuing activity of DekaBank, i.a. based on Securities Prospectuses under certain of DekaBank's issuing programmes.

Reporting (Reports):

Information on the allocation of proceeds (allocation reporting) and the environmental impact (impact reporting) of the Eligible Green Loans refinanced with Green Bond issues can be found in the documents published below in accordance to the Green Bond Framework.

Relevante Documents: