Corporate Governance

The principles of responsible corporate governance are firmly anchored in the Deka Group. This includes good and open cooperation between the Board of Management and the Board of Directors.

Acting responsibly

Deka is an entity under public law. We are therefore not subject to the German Corporate Governance Code. Nevertheless, the principles of good and responsible corporate governance are important to us.

Deka’s corporate governance concept governs how the company is managed and monitored. It ensures that the responsibilities of the corporate bodies are clearly defined and enables efficient decision-making processes. As part of the German Savings Bank
Finance Group, the Deka Group is committed to two principles in particular: Subsidiarity and focus on the common good. Two of our most important codes are based on this:
  • Deka’s Code of Ethics commits the institution to ethical behaviour. It forms the basis for the Deka Group’s corporate culture and ensures that we always act in compliance with the law, openly and transparently, and that we focus on added value.
  • The Risk Culture Framework provides guidance for taking a responsible approach to risk.

The Code of Ethics and the Risk Culture Framework are binding for all employees, managers and members of the Board of Management of Deka.

Cooperation between the Board of Management and the Board of Directors

The Board of Management has overall responsibility for the management of DekaBank. The Board of Directors supervises and monitors the  Board of Management. The members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Annual
General Meeting. It is made up of representatives of the shareholders, of the employees and of the Federal Association of Municipal Umbrella Organisations (which has an advisory vote).

The Board of Directors works both in plenary sessions and in various committees:
  • Executive and Nomination Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Risk and Credit Committee
  • Remuneration Control Committee
General state supervision lies with the Federal Ministry of Finance.