Reporting office for whistleblowers

As Deka, we have a duty to our customers, investors and also to society. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that all employees and persons acting on behalf of Deka behave ethically and do not violate laws or internal rules.

Confidential reporting office for violations

If someone does not adhere to our standards, we want to be informed immediately so that we can identify and rectify any irregularities at an early stage. Whistleblowers have various communication channels at their disposal through which they can report violations of laws, administrative offenses, internal rules or ethically questionable practices. The channels are open to everyone - employees, customers, business partners and third parties - and are of course free of charge. Deka has implemented two internal reporting offices for the submission of relevant information. The first is an office in Deka Compliance and the second is the trusted lawyer Dr. Rainer Buchert.

Whistleblowers who report information in good faith in order to uncover irregularities enjoy special protection against unjustified discrimination in their professional activities. They are protected by the highest level of confidentiality and, where legally possible, by ensuring their anonymity.
In addition, complaints can also be submitted in accordance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz). Please refer to DekaBank's complaints management page for the direct submission of a complaint in accordance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and for the process for the internal handling of complaints.
The whistleblowing offices are not responsible for complaints of a general nature (e.g. customer complaints).
You can report your information to
- the internal reporting office of Deka Compliance: or to
- the internal reporting office Dr. Rainer Buchert (lawyer of confidence) from the law firm Buchert Jacob Partner Rechtsanwälte Partnergesellschaft mbB
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Dr. Rainer Buchert of Dr. Buchert & Partner Attorneys at Law
Lawyer Dr. Rainer Buchert
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Dr. Rainer Buchert can be contacted by telephone (outside normal business hours via the direct contact telephone number), by e-mail and via the contact form. He is subject to the lawyer's duty of confidentiality.
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Persons providing information are free to also contact the external reporting offices of the
- the Federal Office of Justice
- the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and
- the Federal Cartel Office
to turn to.

How Deka reacts to violations

The reporting offices for whistleblowers take up the information.
If a matter is reported directly to Deka Compliance, the latter checks the facts and initiates internal investigations if there is an initial suspicion of misconduct. Whistleblowers receive confirmation of receipt from the relevant reporting office within seven days of submitting the report. No later than three months after receipt of the confirmation of receipt, feedback is provided in which possible follow-up measures are outlined. If a suspicion proves to be justified, Deka Compliance will work towards sanctioning the misconduct accordingly.
If a report is made to the reporting office - lawyer Dr. Rainer Buchert - the facts of the case will only be forwarded to Deka Compliance with the written consent of the person making the report. If the whistleblower wishes to remain anonymous to Deka, the whistleblowing office will forward the facts without disclosing the identity of the whistleblower.