Compliance & data protection

As a financial services provider, compliance and data protection are of particular importance to Deka.


Our Compliance department ensures that all employees are aware of the applicable law, our internal rules and regulatory standards and that compliance can be monitored.

For the Deka Group, the Compliance department represents the regulatory functions of the Compliance Officer under the German Banking Act (KWG), the Securities Trading Act (WpHG) and Capital Investment Code (KAGB) and of the Money Laundering Officer under the German Money Laundering Act (GWG) and KWG as well as of the central office for the function of the Money Laundering Officer and the duties to prevent criminal acts (in accordance with Section 25h para. 7 KWG).

In addition, the functions of Group Money Laundering Officer, Procedural Officer in accordance with 24c KWG, the Independent Body in accordance with Sections 70, 85 KAGB, the Responsible Officer for Qualified Intermediary (QI) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Single Officer are also performed in the Compliance department.
The Data Protection Officer informs and advises the Board of Management of DekaBank, other relevant management of the Deka Group and the employees specifically entrusted with data processing with regard to their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection rules and regulations of the European Union or other jurisdictions. If the legal situation changes, the Data Protection Officer initiates changes to the organisation, IT systems or business processes.

The officer monitors compliance with all data protection requirements in the event of changes to IT systems, changes to the structural and procedural organisation, carries out regular checks and reports at least once a year directly to the Board of Management
and other relevant management of the Deka Group.

If you have questions about data protection at Deka, or would like to know what personal data we have stored about you, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

Data Privacy

Our data protection officer is responsible for advising, training and creating awareness among employees.