Our key environmental figures

Each year, Deka Group publishes a sustainability report in German and English. The report shows: That over the years, we have continuously improved in all areas of sustainability. For example, we made particularly good progress in the reduction of CO2 emissions, travel and waste generation in the past years.

Deka’s key environmental figures: 2022 highlights

Optimization of disposal routes

In 2021, an analysis was already carried out to determine how the disposal of waste at the new location in Lyoner Strasse could be made more climate-friendly. As a result, through the change of the previous waste disposal company could shorten the arrival and departure routes for certain types of waste by around 30 kilometers.

Less energy required due to temperature increase

The room temperature in the IT technical rooms was increased by two to four degrees, thus saving energy in the area of room cooling. Sensors were installed to monitor compliance with the target temperature of 23° to 25° Celsius. Around 80,000 kWh of electricity can thus be saved per year.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The average CO2 emissions of the Deka Group's entire fleet currently amount to 106g/km (previous year 113g/km). In order to further reduce these emissions, DekaBank's Board of Management has mandated the development and implementation of a comprehensive concept to successively reduce the CO2 footprint of the vehicle fleet. The aim is to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by the vehicle fleet by at least 40 percent by 2025 compared with the level in 2019; from 2028, the vehicles should then drive without any corresponding emissions.