Deka Group

Annual Report 2019

Geschäftsbericht 2019 und im Hintergrund das Frankfurter Trianon

The Deka Group ended the year with an economic result of €434.0m. As the Wertpapierhaus for the savings banks, the Deka Group is a key part of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (Savings Banks Association). Net sales increased by a total of €6.3bn year-on-year to total €18.0bn. At €313.4bn, the Deka Group’s total customer assets were some 14% up on the figure for year-end 2018 (€275.9bn). Thanks to its robust financial position, the Deka Group is able to fully lock on to its strategic path and lay the foundations to create lasting high value added in the years to come.

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Presentation Business Development:

Business development of Deka Group as of 31.12.2019